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The future is today.

While mobile data services are catching up in terms of speed and coverage with an affordable all-you-can-eat tariff, the 802.11 WiFi networks are running at Gigabit speed, beating the mobile 4G LTE and and the latest 5G network in commerical operation.

Does "unlimited" really mean UNLIMITED?

Please read the small prints of the service contract carefully...

"Users of more than 35GB+ in month may notice reduced speeds"
"If network is congested, users may notice reduced speeds"
"Standard video streaming at up to 480p"
"Gaming at up to 2mbps"
"Up to 1mbps"

The truth of "Always On data" embedded in the small prints...

"Always On data comes with 20GB of data at full 4G speed. After 20GB of data used you'll experience a reduced data speed of 384kbps from 8am to Midnight. You may notice that activities which require high amounts of data, like HD video streaming, will be slower."

If an unlimited mobile data service is really all-you-can-eat, why are people still keeping their broadband service at home? It is analogous to ask a few years back why we kept my fixed line when we could answer mobile calls at home. It doesn't make sense, does it? And so we cut the line.

The truth is that a psychological contract of "not slowing you down" does exist in home broadband, but it is not quite the same in mobile data services. Just read the small prints in the box on the right, and it probably tell you why your phone video are running out of breath so soon.

You want high speed? Sure they are happy to give you the max 4G speed because you'll spend your data faster to hit the monthly allowance, and propably buy a supplimentary data package before the month ends.

Please don't get us wrong. We love my mobile service provider. We use my phone freely whenever we couldn't get on my speedier WiFi. We also turn on metering my mobile data to determine the data plan that suits me best.

Regulated mobile spectrum is as scarce as a piece of land, no matter it is 2G, 3G, 4G LTE or 5G. By putting in more subscribers on a cell site means cannibalizing the average bandwidth to each user.

Thus they are getting the cell smaller to increase the efficiency of frequency reuse, allowing fewer subscribers to share a much higher bandwidth and super low latency within a cell, and that is collectively known as 5G.

The meth of 5G promises self-driving cars, robots, real-time tracking, big data collection and artifical intelligence. Sound scarely, isn't it? But the logic is really simple. You have fewer people in a cell (base station) and so each person will get a bigger share of the cake (bandwidth) and shorter time to serve (lower delay or latency). Thus camera and its mic (i.e. your phone), game console, PC, car and robot become the hands and legs ("dump" terminals) of the big databases and AI supercomputers (the brain) behind the cloud.

So what's in 5G for you? The epiphany of George Orwell 1984 is as real as the dream of a TV comes true. More facial recognition survillence cameras deployed means that the big brother is watching you, and unsurprisingly, to be watched too. Do we really need 5G speed while 4G works equally well on a 4k HD movie? Do we want to pay to be watched? It is an open debate pretty much like whether HS2 (the UK high speed rail project) could bring the economic benefits to the cities involved, and only time will tell.

So what have we got to offer and what's in it for you?

  • Helps reaching for the WiFi signal that would otherwise be expensed on mobile data
  • CnSR secured a natural firewall over a public WiFi network
  • Public network storage such as One drive and Google drive augmented by the high speed TurboTenna 5GHz personal cloud
  • HIGH POWER, LONG RANGE AND HIGH SPEED are the cornstone of our core competence

Our vision is to improve your wireless experience with exceptional price performance. See what our buyers say on how we deliver our value.

We funded antenna researches in university and made charitable donations. We shall continue to do so to foster innovations, make technology easier to use and have fun along the way with you.

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