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WiFi Application
TurboTenna 11N PRO cAntenna
2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Drone
2.4GHz directional antenna with N-female connector
High gain and excellent penetration WiFi booster
Something to explore: Extra gain if it's mounted on a satellite dish (not included)
6FT RF cable with N-male to RP-SMA connector
Mini tripod with extendable legs
Mounting also compatible with standard camera tripod
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Turbotenna 11N PRO & Cable Kit
Add 4 Inches U.FL/IPX Cable for
laptop miniPCI board connection
UNIT(S) US$5.95 /Unit

Replace the factory antenna for signal penetration - works with leading brands of wireless routers, USB WiFi adpaters and laptops.

The +18dBi TurboTenna is a waveguide booster antenna which picks up WiFi signal in the direction it is pointing. Penetrates in-house concrete walls to improve signal strength and quality. Unlike other cantenna and copycat Yagi with poor impedance matching, the TurboTenna is specially engineered and manufactured to push the 2.4GHz WaveGuide technology to its limits.

See diagram on the right showing the signal strength with and without the TurboTenna.

It is easy to install and set up - simply unscrew the rubber duck antenna from your router or USB dongle and connect it to the TurboTenna with your matching RF cable. It immediately becomes a handy WarDriving tool. It's fun!

It looks elegant on book shelf with the glossy metal frame and the front black protective plastic nose.

Simply strong!

Here are a few application examples:

TurboTenna 11N PRO <-- 6 FT LMR-100A matching RF cable <-- USB Wi-Fi adapter
TurboTenna 11N PRO <-- 6 FT LMR-100A matching RF cable <-- Wireless Router
TurboTenna 11N PRO <-- 6 FT LMR-100A matching RF cable <-- PCI WiFi adapter

You may use the 4 inches U.FL thin pigtail to provide a RF connector interface in case your wireless router has non-detachable antenna.

TurboTenna 11N PRO <-- 6 FT LMR-100A matching RF cable <-- 4 Inches U.FL pigtail <-- miniPCI or miniPCI-E card of the laptop
TurboTenna 11N PRO <-- 6 FT LMR-100A matching RF cable <-- 4 Inches U.FL pigtail <-- Wireless Router

Packaging Content
  +18dBi TurboTenna 11N PRO WiFi antenna Black with tripod 1 unit
  6FT Ultra Low-Loss RF cable (N-male to RP-SMA). This cable is compatible wtih the industry standard RP-SMA connector on Wireless Routers and Wi-Fi Adapters 1 unit
  User Guide 1 unit


Packaging Content (Add 4 Inches U.FL/IPX cable)
  4 Inches U.FL to RP-SMA-female Thin cable. The RP-SMA-female fits in directly to the RP-SMA connector. 1 unit


Features and Benefits
  Works with 802.11b/g & 802.11n wireless router and adapter
  High gain and excellent penetration booster
  Equipped with a tripod for easy polarization adjustment for the best results
  Precisely engineered for impedance matching
  Made of high quality and light weight metal
  Boost the signal for eliminating the blind spot


  Frequency 2.4GHz - 2.5GHz
  RGain 18dBi
  Beam Width ~30 deg
  Impedance 50 Ohm
  Max Input 50 Watts
  VSWR < 1.5:1 avg
  Length 30cm
  Material base Metal
  RF connector N-female
  Polarization Linear



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