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WiFi Application
Ultra Low-Loss USB2.0 Extender Cable
You'll need this if your USB active repeater cable didn't work or your computer didn't recognize the WiFi adapter
Low Volt Drop in the wires
Ultra Low DC resistance
96 stranded high quality wires
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3 meters USB2.0 cable
UNIT(S) US$14.95/Unit
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It's not an oridinary USB cable.

This Ultra Low DC resistance USB2.0 extender cable is made of 96 stranded high quality copper wires with very low Volt Drop across it.

You'll need this cable if your USB active repeater cable didn't work or your computer didn't recognize the WiFi adapter, or even if you want to put your antenna behind a window far away from your computer.

A WiFi adapters is DC load which draws the power from the USB port of the computer. A USB cable made of thin wires is intended for data signalling only rather than carrying the electric current for powering the DC load at the same time - this cable works for both.

1 meter 3 feet
3 meters 10 feet
5 meters 16 feet
10 meters 33 feet

Different lengths are available - see chart on the right.

The max length is 10 meters. Anthing thing else beyond that is not recommended because it might cause too much Volt Drop that incurs unstable operating condition for the WiFi adapter.


Packaging Content (USB2.0 Extender Cable)
  96-stranded wires USB 2.0 extender cable 1 unit

Option 1 (Add NextG USB-Yagi TurboTenna)
  2200mW NextG USB-Yagi Plug & Play Antenna with tripod and CD utility/drivers for Windows 8/7/VISTA/XP, Linux and Mac OS X 10.8 1 unit
  User Guide 1 unit

Features and Benefits
  Works with any 802.11b/g & 802.11n USB WiFi adapter
  High quality 96-stranded copper wires
  Low DC resistance and thus lower battery power consumption
  Extend the USB WiFi adapter to a sweet spot for optimal signal reception
  No data loss and high stability

  Cable Type USB2.0 (backward compatible with USB1.1)
  Gable Length 5 Meters or 16FT
  Connector on First End 1x Type A Male USB2.0 USB
  Connector on Second End 1x Type A Female USB2.0 USB
  Conductor Copper
  Insulation Double Shielded
  No. of Stranded Wires 96


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