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Wi-Fi Application

Wireless Monitor Display
Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi and Windows 10

Raspberry Pi 3 is a powerful credit card sized PC board that runs on its native Raspbian Operating System - based on Debian. The NOOBS, or, New Out Of the
ox Software is an easy Operating System installer for begineers.

What is a Raspberry Pi and what's in it for you?

Although the Raspberry Pi PC board is equipped with a HDMI video port, making physical cable connection to a monitor display and a keyboard could be impractical when it becomes the heart of a robot, a drone or a switch controller. Many geeks thus come to us for a solution that allows them to use their tablet or phone as a wireless monitor display and keyboard, so that they could collect data and control their Respberry Pi at a distance.

We came up with the WiMon solution that consists of a small USB donge with a high gain omni antenna and it is currently distributed on a 16GB class 10 pre-installed Raspbian micro SD card.

WiMon Kit for Raspberry Pi 3, Pi 2 and Model B+
WiMon-03NH-HP USB wireless dongle
Omni Antenna 5dBi gain
16GB class 10 micro SD card NOOBS + WiMon App

The WiMon App is wholely owned by Datacom Network Ltd.

Our current work is to extend the WiMon capability beyond Raspberry Pi to Armbian on Orange Pi, Ubuntu and Windows 10 in the near future.

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