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The future is today.

While the mobile broadband services are catching up in terms of speed and coverage with an affordable all-you-can-eat tariff, the emerging 802.11ac WiFi networks are running at Gigabit speed, beating the latest mobile 4G LTE. The matured 802.11n WiFi networks are already hitting the speed of 300Mbps under the ubiquity of FREE WiFi zones and the neighbourhood networks.

You just need a bit of push with the help of the high performance TurboTenna antenna solution to catch and share them.

Google "TurboTenna and channel 5 gadget show" together.

Today, ASDL (phone line modem) and FTTH (Fibre-To-The-Home) are typcially running at 20Mbps to 100Mbps; you may argue that 4G mobile download speed is also reaching 18Mpbs recently.

True but, think twice if you can squeeze more data usage out of your monthly allowance where in contrary a speedier mobile connection would just axcerbate hitting the limit sooner. Sometimes "an Unlimited data plan" is synonyms to "a fair usage policy" that it is not quite unlimited. Read the small prints and it turns out that they might cut it to a tortoise speed typically after 3.5GB. 

Regulated mobile spectrum is as scarce as a piece of land, no matter it is 3G or 4G LTE. By putting up more bandwidth for mobile data means cannibalizing the other realtime and voice traffic. It is not unusual that you could experience a sudden slow down, a choppy video or get disconnected whenever the mobile bandwidth is heavily congested and policed under a fair usage policy.

While some mobile operators are beginning to offer affordable charging tariffs in the wake of the emerging 4G LTE networks, tethering is mostly denied for obvious reasons in protecting their ARPU (Average Revenue Per User). This means that Internet access may be restructed to the subsriber's phone, the residual bandwidth cannot be shared with the other personal handheld and computer devices.

If you travel aboard, you might want to turn off data roaming of your phone before you get on the plane, otherwise the apps might be quietly getting updated and you may end up with an appalling bill, way beyond the cost of a short-term WiFi access such as the one on the left.

Rather than undermining the merits of mobile broadband, we believe that it plays a complementary role with WiFi. Thus we give each staff a modem and a WiFi antenna. We use the former for emails, facebook, twitter in trains and coachs; and the latter at home or traveling for email, skype, youtube, up/download, fireTV and everything else.

So what have we got to offer and what's in it for you?

TurboTenna is our flagship brand under which we build our wireless solutions.

We specialize in designing and manufacturing the powerful TurboTenna WiFi antennae with remarkable directional gains, much higher than any typical branded WiFi antenna and yet only at a fraction of the price.

The NextG USB-Yagi Plug & Play antenna is technology agnostic. It works with any PC and laptop instantly. You don't have to worry about the cable compatibility issue or connecting to the latest 802.11ac and 802.11n network. It is handy and easy to install. The boosted signal can penetrate the concrete walls with improved wireless reception in houses, apartments, any concrete jungles alike.

Our vision is to improve your wireless experience and this has always been the cornerstone of our core competence. See testimonial on how we deliver our value.

A snapshot of our wireless sharing solution portfolio:

We funded antenna researches in university and made charitable donations. We shall continue to do so to foster innovations, make technology easier to use and have fun along the way with you.

Contact us at sales@danets.com


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