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Pragmatic approach of upgrading NextG USB-Yagi directional antenna as Universal Repeater

Question: Hi, I'm a bit thick when it comes to finding what i need. I live just out of town where there are lots of hotspots ranging from 1500ft to 2500ft and I
have more than multiple laptops in my house. What's the best horse power you got for picking up a good signal and enabling the other laptops to be able to get it from the first? The NextG USB-Yagi directional antenna looks good on the range but how would it do it? thanx

Solution: The range of 1500ft to 2500ft seems a bit challenging. Although the NextG USB-Yagi has an excellent signal penetration power with a range of 5 times more than this, we would like to point out that the performance could vary depending on the indoor and outdoor environment, strength of the signal source, obstruction and reflection such as trees and buildings.

We are confident that it'll probably work as it did for so many other buyers in a similar situation like yours, but you'll never know unless you put things right there. So a pragmatic approach is to order a NextG USB-Yagi directional antenna, and if it works you could order the USB-Omni AP/Repeater kit to form an Universal Repeater for sharing the Internet Access with other laptops, iphones and tablets.

The configuration looks like this:

Hotspots----------NextG USB-Yagi===[Your Windows computer]===USB-Omni
AP/Repeater--------Other laptops

--- wireless link
=== wired USB link

If you have an old laptop gathering dust in the house probably it is time to wake it up. The basic requirement is that it is at least running Windows XP with two working USB ports. Windows 7 or 8 of course can do also. The old laptop allows you to free up your computer so that you could move around without attaching to a cable.

You may also goolge "eBay working laptop" or "eBay working eeepc" for a bargain.


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