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WiFi Applications
    TurboTenna 011XTS RF Amplifier Pen Booster
  • +27dBm 802.11b/g High Performance WiFi Amplifier
  • Compact and light weight with advanced HBT RF circuitry design
  • Easy installation for wireless router and access point
  • Detachable antenna
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    Packaging Content
TurboTenna 011XTS +27dBm (500mW) 802.11b/g RF Amplifier Pen Booster
1 unit
+2dBi Rubber Duck Short Antenna
1 unit
DC 6.0V x 500mA, AC 110 ~ 240V Power Adaptor
1 unit
User guide
1 unit
    Features and Benefits

This +27dBm (500mW) TurboTenna 011XTS Pen Booster is designed to offer a straight neck which is ideal for cascading two sections of RF cables, or to fit in any 802.11b/g WiFi devices equipped with a RP-SMA-female RF connector. Its advanced RF circuitry offers an automatic gain adjustment and high Signal-to-Noise ratio that maintain the wireless connection at optimal speed with exceptional stability.

You may also connect the Pen Booster to other PCI and PCMCIA WiFI devices either directly or using the Universal Antenna Adapter Box and a matching pigtail.

The package comes with a 2dBi Rubber Duck. It can be replaced by more powerful directional antennae such as the Omni, TurboTenna 007GT waveguide booster and the Yagi to meet your coverage and range extension requirements.

TurboTenna 011XT Pen Booster is the Right Angled alternative also having a gain of +27dBm at 500mW.

Operating Range:
2400-2500 MHz
Signal Type:
TX/RX Switch Time:
Max Transmit Linear Output Power:
500mW/ 27dBm 802.11g
Transmit Gain:
up to 10dB
Transmit Input Power:
0 +/- 2dBm Min; +20dBm Max
Receive Gain:
12~16dB, 15dB typical
Max Receive Input Power:
TX Power Protection:
Auto Gain Adjustment
Noise Figure:
< 3.0dB typcial
RF Connector:
RP-SMA and RP-SMA-female
DC Power:
DC 6.0V x 500mA, AC 110 ~ 240V Power Adaptor
Operating Temperature:
-20 deg. C to 50 deg. C
Operating Humidity:
95% relative humidity
LED Indicator:
TX Green, RX Red
Size LxWxH (Without Antenna):
82mm x 22mm x 20mm
80g (not including AC/DC adapter)
RF Cable:
Not included
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