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2200mW NextG USB-Yagi TurboTenna AND CnSR Repeater

Signal strength went from one weak one to several strong signals to choose from

I live in a 3rd floor studio apartment in Seattle. I'm astonished at how well this works. Before I had barely adequate reception with another brand long range antenna, coupled with a homemade dish to help concentrate the signals. As I'm cheap, I didn't want to spend $100 for what appeared to be possible advertised hype. Although not technically minded, this took me 5 minutes to set up, and reception doubled immediately prior to any adjustments. Signal strength went from one weak one (that sometimes failed) to several strong signals to choose from. Yes! This is the real deal, and this is the first review I've ever written because the product does (for me) what's advertised. Excellent.


Shipping was super fast and it was boxed and packed well. So far the reception is really good and a BIG improvement over the airport. Construction looks good as well. The kit is so handy that I could use it in my car close to a hotspot and bring it along whenever I travel. Once that was done it linked right up and gave me a definite signal improvement. I am in a remote area and I am going to do some more signal testing but so far I am happy with it. The tripod legs extend which is not really apparent when you look at them. They need to be extended all the way for stability. I got to test it last night at a site I have been to before with just a USB dongle. Before I could only receive a signal with about 10% strength. When I put this antenna on it got 98%! That was to a wifi hotspot about 1/3 of a mile away. Inside my office building my Macbook would only show about 75% signal to a router about 20ft away as it goes through several walls. With the TurboTenna I get 100% signal no matter which way it is pointed. All in all I think it is great so far and I can't wait to test it more. I think in time this will actually pay for itself by allowing me to connect to free hotspots instead of paying for wifi.

I'm an RVer. This would have saved the day many times in campgrounds with flaky wireless networks.

My new Yagi-USB plug-and-play TurboTenna is fantastic. I gave it four stars on range only because nothing would satisfy my insatiable appetite for range. In terms of its performance, vs. the built in wireless adapters in the average laptop, I'd give it 10 stars.

Here's how I judged it: There's a motel about a half mile away with a wi-fi network. In between are buildings and pine trees. Normally, my laptop doesn't even see the motel network. Once in a while, it picks up a faint signal, but I've never been able to connect.

With the Yagi, I was able to connect and open the motel's log-on page. The best signal I recorded was 36 Mbps.

Here's another example: There's an unencrypted network about a block away. I've never, ever been able to connect to that network. There's a building between my computer and the network. With the Yagi, I was able to connect at 48 Mbps and surf comfortably, noticeably faster than with my Verizon Mi-Fi wireless card only a couple of feet from my computer.

I would definitely recommend the Yagi to anyone who needs to reach out and touch someone - like a 155mm howitzer. I'm an RVer. This would have saved the day many times in campgrounds with flaky wireless networks. For that matter, it would be handy for anyone who needs the maximum range from a portable device.

It's so darn sinister and futuristic looking - perhaps like a death ray gun - I suppose it could be used to scare off muggers when it's not pulling in signals from great distances.

This is the 2nd one I ordered but it’s well worth the wait and it works great

All I can say is if this range sucks you’re not using it right. Try putting it in other places and making sure it’s away from metal also try pointing it out a window.

This is the 2nd one I ordered but it’s well worth the wait and it works great. Laptops wifi (intel wifilink 5100agn) sees 1 other network that is not connectible but this sees 47 that are all connectible signal strength and its working flawlessly so far it is very touchy the slightest thing can effect signal but that just shows how powerful this antenna is.

It’s uni-directional not omni-directional which means you must point it in the direction of the wireless connection. It’s not like a router or other cards that work in every direction it only works very powerfully in front of it not behind it or anything. So don’t expect 2 or more mile range if it’s pointed at the ground or in the wrong direction.


I've been doing number of research including number of brands here and other sites on getting the best signal for the price. Many don't offer more than 1000mW for the power and noted that anything higher could possibly introduce noise.

The problem I had was there is a free Wifi that's located less than 500' away but because the antenna is facing towards town (free Wifi is available for within downtown area) the connection was always spotty. Now comparing my cell phone example, it barely gets a signal. I also tested 1000mW boosted antenna which the connection was okay but nothing superb. It often dropped and wasn't reliable. Now after I bought this antenna, pointed the yagi antenna towards the door that's 10' away as it's the only visible opening; the signal boosted to 90%! I haven't tested it all the way by the door but will try that this weekend.

I also had another USB thumb Wifi antenna tethering with a cell phone which picked up maybe 10 or so connections. 1000mW antenna picked up about 12. And this 2200mW picks up whopping 22 signals from all over. Granted 95% of the connections are secured but considering this antenna is within a first floor (two story building) blocked by so many walls I'm not even sure how it's picking up this much signal.

Consider this, I live in a town of 10,000 which is small compared to most cities. I'm only few hundred feet from the small downtown and surrounded by residential area but one can only imagine the number of signals that can be picked up in any big cities. If you can point this Yagi towards any window I'm very sure you can pick up signals you weren't able to before.

The next test is to shoot a signal from my house that's about 600' away with Wifi-Link's outdoor Yagi to see if I can get a faster and more reliable signal. Should be interesting!

This is by the far the best product I've tried for the indoor and I HIGHLY recommend the product! Without this 2200mW signal no big antenna will save you from getting the signal desired ;)


I have recently upgraded my MacBook to Mac OS X 10.10.5 running the latest version of Yosemite. The driver does not work with it. I was hoping that the new driver would soon debut but got frustrated waiting during which I had no Internet connection on my MacBook unless I fell back to the older versions of Mac OS. It appears that there's been more sub-releases 10.10,10.10.2,…, 10.10.5 than the chip makers can take. It is like a fast moving target - a driver becomes obsolete the moment a new Mac OS version is released.

I guess I am still looking for a Yosemite driver like many others if it is not the Catch n Share Repeater kit that solved the problem once and for all. Not only am I able to get online with my high power USB-Yagi TurboTenna, my Macbook is now free of a physical wired connection along with my other iphone and ipad gadgets as well. As far as the antenna itself goes, I now have no complaints.

I have no experience with other antennas, but if you need something for maximum power and distance, I would think this antenna is one of the best out there.

Now granted it’s only been day one since I've been using this, but comparing it to the antenna I had before this one, which had only 5dbi - this kicks butt!

The signal is very strong and I notice it goes down a little every now and then but it’s not enough to slow down my connection. My apartment complex has free wi-fi and so I've been trying to connect to it and their kinda far. This antenna has made it to where it’s as if I have a wired connection to the internet. I've tried playing video's on my fireTV stick and the likes and they play perfectly! I get about 500 to 1000 kb/sec! But on average I'd say I get 800 kb/sec. :)

Very very impressed! Highly recommend it!!


I got this so I could access our apartment complex wifi in the main office from my apartment 100+ yards away. I went from barely a bar and never able to connect with the wifi in my laptop to 4 full bars and all 54mbits their router had available. 2/5 on the sexiness however since the tripod it comes with is WAY too small and just adds something you have to throw away later. Buy a full tripod to mount this on otherwise it'll tip over constantly unless you weight the back end of it down.

I purchased 2 Yagi antenas to increase the signal strength to a distance of 300 feet between houses on our property. This antenna was attached to the receiving laptop (High Power USB-Yagi Plug and Play directional WiFi Antenna 802.11n 2200mW), which by itself was adequate to raise the signal strength from 0 MBPS to the full 54 MBPS that the Linksys WRT54GS is capable of. I looked to further boost the signal by attaching the Alfa 18 dBi antena to the router, which did not help at all.

The Yagi USB was a solid performer for us.


This antenna REALLY works! I was receiving two networks with a regular wi-fi card before hooking this baby up, my home router and my neighbors router about 50 feet away. After firing this beast up I'm getting between 12 and 15 WAPs depending on the weather conditions and my antenna pointing. I know at least one of these routers is three blocks away. This is with the antenna INSIDE and not next to a window! Outside pointing down the street I found 40 WAPs! I live in a quiet suburban neighborhood, I imagine in a large city the numbers would much higher. I still need to do a test with a known public access location so I can get a precise range.

The reason I bought this is that I frequently travel and many times the wi-fi range at my hotel is limited to just the hotel lobby or bar, so have to hike downstairs to use my netbook. With this, I'll be able to stay in my room or at worst put the antenna out on the balcony to get on the 'net.

I don't see any downside to this antenna. It's not too big maybe 12" long x 1.5" wide and 1" tall (not counting the tripod of course. It's also built out of good solid aluminum. You'll have to work to break this thing. The only sensitive part on it is the USB Wi-fi device which is encased in plastic. This can be removed if you just want to use the antenna attached to a different wi-fi device.)

I had no issues getting it to work on Windows 7 without a driver. Simply plug and play with Windows 8 and 10 as well.

Update: Took this to Mexico for vacation w/two laptops. It was a lifesaver at two different hotels. At one place, I was able to hook up to the hotel coffee shop from my room which was easily 100 yards away. Luckily we were on higher ground than the coffee shop which improves the range. The room's own wi-fi was spotty (without this unit) and expensive. At the other place it improved my connection to maximum strength in a room that barely had reception (and slow) on the regular built-in wi-fi card. Anyway, it paid for itself plus during the vacation.

Catch n Share FULL Kit to run on MacBook

I have a house and a barn about 300' away from each other and have been looking at several solutions for a wireless bridge and I have finally found it! I never thought the solution would be on the receiver end, I was wrong! I run macs and airport extreme at my house and barn, I hooked up the antenna at my imac in the barn (where I wasn't getting any signal) and whammo, there were several networks including mine in the area. The directions specifically say not to receive the signal though a metal building, my barn is metal. So I ran a usb cable to outside and pointed the antenna at the house, inside I was getting 70% signal, outside 98%! Unbelievable, no other (inexpensive) solution I have tried has come even close. Once I moved the antenna outside I was picking up 40 different networks in the area, as I live in a 9000 person town, this is very impressive. The antenna can be permanently mounted using a camcorder/security camera mount. The repeater kit is very nice and easy to work with, I could run set up from my imac or mac mini over the wifi without the burden of a wire. I did notice after using two 10 meter usb extensions the power got weak, for now I have improvised using a powered usb hub closest to the antenna, working great for now.

You won’t be disappointed.


I live on the edge of suburban sprawl. I normally get about 25 ap's with my laptop (it has a good wireless card). With this antenna I am getting 55-60 just sitting in my room with it on my desk. Ok that is nice. What is also nice is I get usually around 75% signal from my router. I am on the far side of a long house. With this antenna no matter what direction its pointing I am getting 100%. The Antenna itself is of simple but solid appearing construction. The base/tripod is in fact very functional for just sitting on a desk. Anyone who was going to use this professionally would have their own tripod/jmount anyways. I have yet to check distance on it but I can say for $100 it is well worth it. (I chose this over an alfa because this was made by a local company and was not going to be a knock off vs getting some piece of chinese pirated material... I have read too many reviews of the alfa being cloned) I opted for next day shipping and did in fact get it the next day. So that is always a plus. All in all I give this a highly recommend and note that I rarely give feedback but was so impressed I decided to take the time to do so on this. Thanks. Ps. Set up took less than a minute. It is plug and play. I am using win 7 atm and it recognizes the driver as a separate wireless card with no conflict. Installed driver, plugged it into usb and watched new ap's appear... very nice.


I previously had a small antenna connected to my computer and the most I could get was 3 bars of conductivity from my own modem. With the Yagi, I now get a full five bars from my own system and all of my surrounding neighbor's systems. I have 20+ connections to choose from now. I even get 2 bars from the high school 1/2 mile away. I never loose conductivity with this antenna!

I have done allot of research and I have to say this out of the box is a really good deal. There are cheaper out there but why build it when this is tuned and tested working out of the box. It simply it amazing. The little tripod adds to the geek factor and this thing really really works well. I am able to pick up networks well over one half a mile away thru trees and houses I can’t even see I’m getting networks, it is unbelievable.

I highly recommend this antenna for home use!!!


I was afraid of how bad it was going to be before I purchased the Wi-Fi Antenna. But when i tested it.. the signals that I couldn't get in that were very faint. Now shows up as a good signal, almost at full strength. Now I love it. I say it’s well worth $100.

I used this to get my Chromecast TV stick online. I love this thing, the range & speed are very impressive.

This really does the job and is fairly easy to set up. Easily extends your wifi range and allows you to hook in to signals that you normally could not. Recommend it.

[cheap repeater works as extender, but this is the only one that works best on the receiver end >>>> long r square decay vs narrow but high gain directional beam]


I have sued this device in a variety of situations but the one where it really saved my butt was when I was on vacation. My in laws have a guesthouse we stay in when we are in FL but the wireless signal stinks back there, I pulled out this antenna and hooked it up and was able to do my online training (yes while on vacation, unfortunately!) for the week we were there. I have played around with it a bit at home and it will snag a signal out of the air sometimes a good .25 to .5 miles away. The antenna is worth every penny. If you need to point it at something and keep it stable and have the room, just go buy a cheap camera tripod and put it on there instead.

Well. I'd say the item has paid for itself. Twice. It is very sensitive- means its strong.

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