TurboTenna 11N PRO Waveguide cAntenna

This TurboTenna is a booster WiFi antenna designed to work with your desktop computer or laptop via a USB connection. No wall mounting is needed because it comes with the Aluminium tripod with extendable legs. This allows READ MORE...

High gain 2.4GHz DIY antenna

  • 18dBi gain with N-female connector measured at 30cm(L) x 9cm(Ø)
  • ..But, it has a larger form factor compared with a yagi antenna
  • Excellent WiFi signal penetration through obstruction
  • Even better gain if you mount it outdoor
  • Need DIY paint to weather the outdoor condition
  • Run a mouse over or touch the picture to see the antenna directional charactoristics
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Wall Mount Kit



Performance = Gain + Visibility

The isotropic gain of an antenna is expressed in dBi. 3dBi is x2; 6dBi is x4; 9dBi is x8; 12dBi is x15.8; 15dBi is x31.6 and 18dBi is x63.2 and so on.

The aperture (visibility) of an antenna simply gets narrower as the gain becomes higher.

An optimal point strikes when performance meets visibility.

The 11N PRO TurboTenna is designed with an ultimate balance of gain and visibility which allows you to "see" more Wi-Fi signals with high penetration power for hotspot access and Wardriving.

Aee also dBi versus dBm.

11N PRO is a bi-directional antenna that boosts the WiFi signal in the direction it is pointing.

It offers an antenna gain that's way beyond that of a notebook computer.

The antenna is constructed using an Aluminium cylindrical tube covered by a black cap. The kit comes with a tripod as standard for the convenience of desktop setup. But if you want to mount it at a fixed location on an outside wall under the roof, you could paint the antenna body to protect it from getting wet and purchase the wall mount kit for fitment.

It is tuned at 2.4GHz as a standing wave resonant with the antenna geometry and utilizing the tube as a waveguide for wireless signal transmission.

A simple RF design and yet the best performance is echoed by many DIY buyers who fitted it with their own WiFi cards on many interesting applications, such as remote WiFi signal amplification and as a WiFi hotspot antenna for signal broadcasting.

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