Raspberry Pi WIreless MONitor

As the name implies, Wireless is the means of connecting a Raspberry Pi's desktop keyboard and Monitor display to READ MORE...


  • To move the keyboard and display of a Raspberry Pi to a phone or a notebook over WiFi.
  • OPERATING SYSTEM - Raspberry Pi OS Compatible with: ALL Raspberry Pi models.
  • THE WIMON KIT - a WiMon USB adapter with driver and a 5dBi high gain antenna.

WiMon vs Miracast vs Headless Ghost

WiMon is a USB WiFi access Point over which a phone or notebook could access the pi's desktop keyboard and display at a distance. You may consider it as a Raspberry Pi 400 without the bulkiness and a physical cable to a display monitor.

Miracast is a hdmi dongle connected to a TV or a built-in Smart TV feature for casting video from an Android phone or an Apple device. It doesn't fit a computer's hdmi display.

Headless Ghost is a hdmi dongle intended to enable the computer's Graphical Processor Unit (GPU) for crypto currency (e.g. bitcoin) mining. It has nothing to do with wireless display.

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How does it works?

As the name implies, Wireless is the means of connecting a Raspberry Pi's desktop keyboard and Monitor display to a phone or notebook at a distance.

It doesn't need a physical hdmi cable nor a monitor at all.

Simply plug in the WiMon dongle to a USB port of a Raspberry Pi and install the driver.

This allows a Raspberry Pi to be used as the controller unit of an IoT or a mobility device such as a robot to move around freely while you could maintain the control on what is happening via the screen and keyboard of a monitoring computer.

The wireless range could be extended by using a WiFi antenna + RF amplifier at either or both ends if needed.

At the moment, WiMon works with all models of the Raspberry Pi on Raspbian Stretch and Buster.

It's fun!!

Path to access the display of your Raspberry Pi

Buy the WiMon Kit - simply plug in the WiMon dongle and install the driver on your Raspberry Pi. WiMon doesn't need to work with a WiFi router as a bridge. This monitoring computer connects securely to the WiMon adapter.

Buy nothing - follow this tutorial if you are proficient in Linux but you need a WiFi router as a bridge.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers (UIDs) and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

Preparing the OS image on the micro SD card

Download the Raspberry Pi OS with desktop on the official Raspberry Pi site.
Look for the version:
Release date: March 4th 2021
Kernel version: 5.10
Size: 1,175MB

Follow the steps in Raspberry Pi Imager. It is the quick and easy way to install an operating system to a microSD card ready to use with your Raspberry Pi.

Before you power up

Check that your cables are connected correctly.

Check that the micro SD card is properly inserted.

Connect the mini HDMI cable from the motherboard to the TV/monitor.

Power up if everything looks OK.

Power up and get your Raspberry Pi online

If you have skipped the WiFi setup during the system configuration during the initial boot up, you can do it now by moving the mouse to the top right hand desktop screen. Click on the wireless icon then choose the WiFi network name and enter the its secured password.

sudo apt update

sudo apt upgrade

That should be enough for the Raspberry Pi preparation.

sudo apt install xrdp -y

ifconfig -a

Look for the IP address of the device connected to your WiFi router and write it down.

Connect from Windows 10 to Raspberry Pi via the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

  • Make sure that the Windows 10 computer is connected to the same WiFi router as the Raspberry Pi
  • Open the Remote Desktop Connection App on Windows 10
  • Computer = IP address connected to your WiFi router
  • User name = Login username of the Raspberry Pi
  • This takes you to a yellow warning message - click Yes to proceed
  • Password = password of the login username
  • This should take you to the Raspberry Pi's deaktop screen and you may now use the Windows 10's mouse and keyboard to work with it
  • You may now reboot the Raspberry Pi and remove the hdmi display and USB keyboard from it

Connect from Apple and Android devices to the Raspberry Pi

  • Apple Macbook Pro: install the FREE Remote Desktop Connection App from the APP store
  • Apple iphone: ditto
  • Android phone: install the FREE Remote Desktop Connection App from Google Play store
  • The connection process of these devices are the similar to that of Windows 10

Packing List

WiMon Kit for Raspberry Pi ↺ GO BACK
  • 1 x WiMon USB adapter (see Note*)
  • 1 x 5dBi Omni antenna
  • 1 x WiMon driver
  • 1 x User guide

Note* : the Respberry Pi motherboard must have one USB port available for the WiMon USB adapter

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