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WiFi Application
6FT LMR-100A N-male to RP-SMA RF cable
Genuine LMR-100A Times Microwave USA
Ultra Low-Loss 2.4GHz
Widely Compatible with RP-SMA WiFi Adapter
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6FT N-male RP-SMA RF Cable
Add 6FT MC Orinoco RF Cable UNIT(S) US$19.95/Unit
Add 6FT RP-TNC RF Cable UNIT(S) US$19.95/Unit
Add TurboTenna 11N PRO UNIT(S) US$23.95/Unit
Add 2000mW RF Amplifier UNIT(S) US$119.95/Unit

There are many different types of RF cables with various performance.

The 2.4GHz WiFi signal attenuates rapidly as the length of RF cable goes up. Hence, it is best to keep the cable as short as possible, or to use the Ultra Low-Loss cable for running the length you need.

If you are experiencing speed drop or intermittent disconnection, it is probably due to a bad cable with significant impedance mismatch that causes too much signal reflections inside the cable.

The Times Microwave (USA) RF cable had an excellent price performance out of a bunch of RF cables we tested. Double check the trademark on the cable to avoid buying the copycats for the price of the real thing.

We had also tested a few USB2.0 extender cables with active chip repeater but failed too due to the physical high DC resistance.

Packaging Content (6FT LMR-100A RP-SMA Cable)
  6FT LMR-100A N-male to RP-SMA RF cable 1 unit
Option 1 (Add 6FT LMR-100A MC Orinoco Cable)
  6FT LMR-100A N-male to MC Orinoco RF cable 1 unit
Option 2 (Add 6FT LMR-100A RP-TNC Linksys Cable)
  6FT LMR-100A N-male to RP-TNC Linksys Cable 1 unit
Option 3 (Add TurboTenna 11N WiFi Antenna)
  +18dBi TurboTenna 11N PRO WiFi antenna with tripod 1 unit
  User Guide 1 unit
Option 4 (Add 1000mW RF Amplifier)
  1000mW 012XT High Power WiFi RF Amplifier 1 unit
  Power Adapter 110 ~ 220V AC/DC 1 unit
  User Guide 1 unit
Features and Benefits
  Ultra Low-Loss Times Microwave (USA) RF cable
  RF connectors are made of CNC machine with negligible insertion loss
  Merely 2.3dB attenuation @ 2.4GHz at 6FT
  High compatibility with D-Link, Netgear, Linksys, ASUS, TP-LINK, SMC, 3Com, Belkin, Breezecom, Fujitsu-Siemens, Hawking, Intel, Intellinet, Motorola, Lucent Proxim Orinoco, Tranzeo, Trendnet, U.S. Robotics, Wave Access, Zcomax, Zoomair
  High signal stability
  Cut-off Frequency 90 GHz
  Velocity of Propagation 66%
  Dielectric Constant 2.30
  Time Delay 1.54 nS/FT or 5.05 nS/m
  Impedance 50 Ohm
  Capacitance 30.8 pF/FT or 101.1 pF/m
  Inductance 0.077 uH/FT or 0.25 uH/m
  Shielding Effectiveness > 90 dB
  Inner DC Resistance 81.0 Ohm/1000FT
  Outer DC Resistance 9.5 Ohm/1000FT
  Voltage Withstand 500 Volt DC
  Jacket Spark 2000 Volt RMS
  Peak Power 0.6 KW
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