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WiFi Application

DIY Solutions


This upgrade kit turns your 2200mW NextG USB-Yagi TurboTenna into a hotspot. It extends the capabilities of your antenna to phones, touchpads and notbook to get online at the same time. No software driver is needed for any devices connected to the hotspot over WiFi, including Andriod and Apple OSX Sierra.

  Personal Hotspot
This USB-Omni kit turns Ethernet into a personal WiFi hotspot, for which you may setup SSID network name and security password. It runs on Windows 10. Ideal for sharing WiFi in hotel room equipped with Ethernet socket with poor hotel WiFi coverage. Particularly useful when you need multiple devices access with only one hotel Internet coupon.
  Ultimate Kit
This kit combines the power of 2200mW NextG USB-Yagi TurboTenna and the External RF amplifier. Both Aluminium mini tripod and Wall mounting bracket are included to allows setup flexibility. This pushes the WiFi access to its limits and you really don't need the kit unless you are extremely hungry for horse power.
  KALI n WiFislax
The kit includes the RTL8187L USB dongle and a high gain Omni antenna that allows you to explore the offensive security and WiFi penetration testing of your wireless router. RTL8187L is plug n play with KALI and Wifislax. They are two major third party linux platforms for your experiments for which we are unable and do not provide any software support.
  Wi-Fi Ethernet Gateway

This solution turns the 2200mW USB-Yagi TurboTenna into an Ethernet Gateway. It runs on Windows 10 and thus the computer's Ethernet port becomes the Gateway. Devices such as PS4, Xbox and Smart TV are able to get online over the Ethernet Interface that would otherwise be too far and weak to connect to the WiFi router.



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