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WiFi Application

DIY Parts and Kit

  Plug & Play USB-Yagi
for sharing Wi-Fi with several notebooks, phones and gadget
Catch the WiFi signal with this powerful Play & Play NextG USB-Yagi directional antenna. Slim and handy, it is mounted on a tripod for easy access to a sweet spot for optimal signal reception. Windows 8.1/8 /7/VISTA/XP, Linux & Apple Mac OS X 10.9 drivers included. Fully upgradeable to Universal Repeater.
  USB-Yagi Upgrade Kit
for those who'd brought the USB-Yagi Turbotenna
Simply plug in your USB-Yagi antenna to this ARM1176 processor Repeater box, it'll pull in the remote network and share it with your notebook and MacBook over Wi-Fi. Not only does it unwire your computer, it works with Apple's OS X 10.10.3 Yosemite without the burden of any subsequent driver upgrade.
  Catch n Share Repeater
Works with Windows 7/8/10 and Apple OS Sierra
No driver required. A strong and powerful Wi-Fi signal booster that extends the reach of your notebook and handheld devices without the burden of a wire. Slim and handy, it is a completely standalone kit without the need to run on your computer. Powered by a standard micro USB charger or a USB battery bank so you can use it on the road.
  Universal Repeater
Sharing remote Wi-Fi locally
PC based Universal Repeater. Same performance as the newly debuted Catch n Share Repeater. Excellent power and range that outperform any router based and wall socket type repeater. Probably the strongest repeater in the market. Two spare USB ports are required on your Windows computer. Cables and manual are included.
  Wi-Fi Ethernet Gateway
for Smart TV, Satellite box and Game controller
2200mW High Power Ethernet Gateway. Solution to connecting a TV to the router where running an Ethernet cable is not an option. Coming soon...
  USB-Omni AP Repeater
Add-on Kit for 2200mW USB-Yagi TurboTenna
Share what you've picked up remotely from the 3G broadband modem or the NextG USB-Yagi WiFi antenna. This handy Universal Repeater is equipped with a powerful +9.5dBi Omni antenna and share the Internet access amongst several WiFi enabled computers, IPAD, Game consoles simultaneously. Windows 8.1/8/7/XP drivers and setup instruction manual included.


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