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WiFi Application

Wi-Fi Antenna

  for Laptop & desktop PC
2200mW NextG USB-Yagi TurboTenna
Boost the WiFi signal with this powerful Play & Play NextG USB-Yagi directional antenna. Slim and handy, it is mounted on a tripod for easy access to a sweet spot for optimal signal reception. Windows 10/8.1/8 /7 and Linux. Catch n Share Repeater Upgrade kit is needed for Apple Macbook users.
  for Notebook & Tablet
High Gain dipole antenna pair
Universal model fits all Mini PCI/ Mini PCI-Express cards of notebook and tablet. Gain tuned to be the best in the market. Each antenna has 67cm low noise cable. Unplug and plug MAIN & AUX cable replacement. Single flat antenna panel can be easily fitted inside your laptop.
  for Wireless Router & Drone
+9.5dBi Omni High Gain antenna with RP-SMA
Instantly improve your wireless experience. Direct replacement for removable factory antenna of Routers & Adapters compatible with the industry standard RP-SMA connector. Click here if your router has non-detachable or no external antenna.


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