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WiFi Application

High Power WiFi Antenna

  NextG USB-Yagi TurboTenna
This 2200mW High Power directional WiFi antenna
boosts the WiFi signal reception that would otherwise be inaccessible by a built-in notebook antenna. Slim and handy, the kit comes with a tripod and a 6FT USB cable for your Windows 10/8.1/8 /7 and Linux computer. Catch n Share Repeater Upgrade kit (CnSR) is needed for Apple Macbook users.
  Waveguide Antenna
Model 11N PRO is a +18dBi waveguide directional antenna with 30 degree narrow aperature. It was made of an Aluminium CAN so it is also known as "Cantenna". Ideal for DIY projects. Unassembled kit is available for classroom experiments to understand the standing wave and its relationship with resonant frequency, wavelength and cantenna geometry.
  Omni Antenna
Signal improvement for direct replacement of router's external antenna typically with RP-SMA connector. If your wireless router has concealed or fixed antenna that suffers from poor wireless coverage, you could use the U.FL cable with the Omni antenna to bypass the factory antenna. Huge signal improvement but opening the router may void warranty.
  Laptop Antenna
Laptop's factory antenna pair are terminated at the miniPCI card that you could find behind the bottom lid. Direct antenna replacement is possible by re-plugging the standard U.FL connectors at the MAIN and AUX on the miniPCI card. This high gain laptop antenna (sold as a pair) has a cable length of 65cm that could be sticked behind the laptop's screen.


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