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There are two shipping options that you could choose for purchasing an item online from us - the STANDAND INTERNATION MAIL service, and the SPEEDPOST INTERNATIONAL service, both operated by the HONGKONG POST.

The SPEEDPOST is a courier service. Our buyers' experience with SPEEDPOST is as efficient and reliable as the other courier services and yet less expensive. Some buyer may still opt for DHL, UPS or FEDEX, and we could handle them accordingly.

Established in 1841, HONGKONG POST enjoys a proud heritage and a long history of providing dependable and reliable and postal services. In 2007/08, they expect to deliver at least 99% of the STANDARD INTERNATIONAL outward air parcels or airmail items, posted before the advertised latest time for posting, to the first available air carrier, either within the same day or the following working day.

We'll normally ship out the item the same working day if payment is received on or before 3:00pm Hong Kong time. Shipment is directly from Hong Kong. It normally takes 5-7 working days for STANDARD INTERNALTION MAIL or 3 working days for SPEEDPOST to reach most destinations around the world.

Besides, we ship with registered postage, which allows the buyer to track his/her item online with the provided tracking number. Here is an example for tracking a mail to the USA:

1. Enter the mail tracking number.

2. It shows the date of departure for the destination.

3. You may track the delivery status for USA and other selective countries.


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