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Question: I live on a narrowboat and urgently need a wifi booster. My orange dongle service keeps crashing when the boat moves! Some boosters need to be powered by a cigarette lighter - my boat is much more "normal" than that, using inverters!

Can you tell me how your antenna is powered please?

PS. Urgent reply required.

Solution: You may consider using the +35dBm NextG USB-Yagi Plug and Play directional antenna. It is powered by the USB port of your laptop or desktop PC. Hence it does not require an AC/DC adapter or a cigarette lighter.

The NextG USB-Yagi has a built-in WiFi amplifier and it has a range of 4km in an open field without obstruction.

Here's where you can find it.


As WiFi operates in a fixed wireless technology, the antenna is connected to a fixed WiFi hotspot (or router). When your boat moves away from the hotspot, the wireless connection could be disrupted if it is out of range or in an opposite direction to where your antenna is pointing.

Follow up: The boat only moves marginally in the wind, but it's enough to destroy the orange connection. This sounds like it will fix the problem. I'll be back with my order.



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