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WiFi Application


Unwire with TurboTenna®

The WiFi is now everywhere, sprung from the public hotspots, accelerated by wide household adoption and fostered by many governments with free access. What many people don't know is that they could readily catch it freely using the right tool, and even work out a plan with the neighbors for sharing access.

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Most wireless LAN access points and routers offer a power output of 15dBm (or 25mW) which has a range of 30-50 meters in an open space. Unlike a cordless phone of 900MHz, the power of 2.4GHz WiFi phone decays rapidly when concrete walls and obstacle alike are getting in the transmission path. It is therefore necessary to boost the signal strength and quality by means of antenna and amplifier devices such as a TurboTenna to ensure the realtime multimedia and data traffic quality.

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