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WiFi Application

Outdoor Kit to push for distance

  Wall Mount Kit

This provides a fixed wall mounting for the 2200mW NextG USB-Yagi TurboTenna ouside the window with better signal visibility, preferrably a line-of-sight towards the signal source. The Wall Mount Kit stretches out the adjustable Aluminum head 23cm from the wall. The head offers the same standard 1/4 inch threads as the mini tripod.

 Outdoor RF Cable

If the wall mounting position does not have a shelter, you can keep the USB amp dongle (the white stick) indoor by using this outdoor RF cable. The cable length is kept under 6 feet long to maximize the net gain of mounting the antenna outdoor. The low loss outdoor cable fits the 2200mW NextG USB-Yagi TurboTenna.

  Lightning Arrester

If the wall mounting position is susceptable to lightning, you must use the Lightning Arrester shunts the electric surge to the Earth. The arrester has a N-Male/ N-female connector as signal Input/ Output and a Ground for the Earth termination. Optional cable kit is available to fit the 2200mW NextG USB-Yagi TurboTenna.

  Vehicle antenna
Sometimes an Omni antenna is no-brainer to setup because you don't have to know exactly where the WiFi signal source is as long as you know it's nearby. The Omni picks up signals 360 degress around it but at the expense of range compared to a directional yagi. This Omni has a magnetic base so you can pull up near a McDonald's and stick it on your vehicle.
  4G/3G Mobile Hotspot
WiFi is a fixed wireless access technology that you'll lose the signal when you are moving out of range away from it. In such situation this (unlocked sim) mobile hotspot becomes handy for sharing Internet access. You can buy any data SIM in any country that would otherwise be restricted by your phone. Plus, this won't age your phone battery over tethering.


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