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Wi-Fi Application

cAntenna WLAN Solutions

  for Wi-Fi dongle
TurboTenna 11N PRO
+18dBi waveguide cAntenna with good signal visibility. Built to an optimal geometry for strong signal penetration. Easy to setup with a stretchable mini tripod. Connect to a Wi-Fi dongle and wireless router with a standard matching RF cable. Complete assembly kit is also available.
  Plug & Play cAntenna
for sharing Wi-Fi with several notebooks, phones and gadget
Catch the WiFi signal with this powerful Play & Play NextG USB-Yagi directional antenna. Slim and handy, it is mounted on a tripod for easy access to a sweet spot for optimal signal reception. Windows 8.1/8 /7/VISTA/XP, Linux & Apple Mac OS X 10.9 drivers included. Fully upgradeable to Universal Repeater.


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